Picture Book Samples

" Why do writers write? Because it isn't there."- Thomas Berger


Fiddley Fingers - Prose

From the moment he was born, Frank Fingers would pull at anything he could reach and, as he pulled at his nappy, his Dad would say: “Don’t fiddle Frank”

As soon as he could crawl Frank would stick his hands into the dog’s bowl and smear it over himself and the floor and his mum would say: “Don’t fiddle Frank”

By the time he was two he could climb and would pull things from the fridge. Together his mum and dad would sigh “Don’t fiddle Frank” “Why?” asked Frank.

Fiddley Fingers - Rhyming

Frank Fingers loved to fiddle, With everything he would He pulled at this and pulled at that at anything he could.

Electricity held no fear, He fiddled with a socket, One day he stuck a penknife in and jumped up like a rocket.

He liked to play with his dad’s car, And one day released the brake, The car moved forward suddenly and rolled into a lake.

Grizz Ogg

Choosing food in times gone past, Could often be a dangerous task. From dinosaurs to crazy birds, The list of nasties was a blast.

Young Grizz Ogg was a greedy girl, Who would eat whatever she wanted, This could often be really bad and, Leave her feeling haunted.

So too keep her hale and hearty, She devised some little rhymes, To help her eat the good food, Not have a horrible time.